21 Mar 2023

Did You Know? The Maronites in Cyprus

Having their roots by the river Orontes and in Apamea, the followers of St Maron, devoted friend and co-traveller …

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14 Mar 2023

Did You Know? Hammam

The hammam of the Turkish bath is a type of steam bath for public bathing. It is a prominent feature …

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07 Mar 2023

Did You Know? The Venetian watermill of Hatziatou

In the 19th century, in the village of Pachna in the Limassol district, a boy and a girl were …

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28 Feb 2023

Did You Know? Circassians

The Circassians are a Northwest Caucasian ethnic group native to Circassia, a region in the North Caucasus and along …

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21 Feb 2023

Did You Know? Arrival of Italian Governor to Cyprus

On 26 October 1927, the Italian Governor Mario Lago arrived in Cyprus for a visit. The Greek population declared …

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14 Feb 2023

Did You Know? Building Government House

In 1878, the War Office dispatched a prefabricated residence, which arrived on one of the ships of the Mediterranean …

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07 Feb 2023

Did You Know? The three yogis

Three non-Christians yogis lived in Kyrenia, in Agios Demetrios during the 1940s: the Indian Sushil Dutt, Geoffrey de Selincourt, and …

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31 Jan 2023

Did You Know? Zoncas

In the middle of the eighteenth century, the Tuscan merchant Namindiu was travelling in Cyprus in the company of a …

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24 Jan 2023

Did You Know? Cyprus Cats

Cyprus cats, also known as Saint Helen cats, and Saint Nicholas cats, are found across the island. …

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17 Jan 2023

Did You know? The Departure of Queen Catarina Cornaro from Venice to the island of Cyprus.

Born 1808, Carl Werner travelled extensively in Europe and the Middle East where he probably heard and was inspired by …

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10 Jan 2023

Did You Know? The Legislative Council 7.12.1928

This list includes the names of all present at the Legislative Council 1928:

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05 Jan 2023

Did You Know? Kolokasi

Kolokasi (Taro) is a root vegetable known as Colocasia Esculanta. One of the most popular Cypriot dishes cooked in …

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27 Dec 2022

Did You Know? Kyrenia

Strolling through Kyrenia at sunset one would see the fishermen gathering their nets at the harbor, the Cypriots finding their …

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20 Dec 2022

Did You Know? Cyprus in Music

On his return to Cyprus, Pierre I brought with him the French Ars Nova and, later, the Ars Subtilior. …

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13 Dec 2022

Did You Know? Gladys Peto

Born in Maidenhead in 1890, Gladys Peto studied at the London School of Art and was a member of staff …

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06 Dec 2022

Did You Know? Christ Antiphonitis

The name Christ Antiphonitis means "Christ who responds" and a number of Greek churches are so designated. The epithet appears …

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29 Nov 2022

Did You Know? Antiphonitis

On the hills above the village and near Ayios Ambrosios lie three monasteries of which Antiphonitis is the most important. …

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22 Nov 2022

Did You Know? Kalo Chorio

Kalo Chorio is a village situated in the Larnaca district, ten kilometers west of Larnaca and six kilometers southeast of …

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15 Nov 2022

Did You Know? Labdanum

Labdanum, also called ladanum, ladan, or ladanon, is a sticky resin obtained from the shrubs rockrose …

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10 Nov 2022

Did You Know? The pomegranate (Punica granatum)

The pomegranate was originally found throughout the Mediterranean region and in the sixteenth century was taken to America.

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29 Oct 2022

Did You Know? Church Bells in Cyprus

The first bell to be rang during the Ottoman period was at Omodos village, at the church of the Holy …

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25 Oct 2022

Did You Know? Arrival of Sir Garner Wolseley in Cyprus

On 12 July 1878 Vice-Admiral Lord John Hay hoisted the Union Jack at before the barracks at Paphos Gate in …

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19 Oct 2022

Did You Know? The Canopy of Heaven

The ciborium of the Holy Altar of the church of St Mamas in Morphou, is one of the oldest on …

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11 Oct 2022

Did You Know? Ficus sycomorus

Ficus sycomorus, or sycamore fig or the fig-mulberry is a fig species that has been cultivated since ancient times. In …

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