30 Aug 2023

Announcement of the results of the children's museum book contest "The objects...talk"

The results of the contest...

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03 Aug 2023

New full-time position: Educational Officer

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05 Jul 2023

Book Publication: Lecture on Cesnola by Robert S.Merrillees

'The Fate of the Cypriote Antiquities Confiscated in 1878 by the British Authorities from Alessandro Palma di Cesnola and stores …

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29 Jun 2023

Online exhibition "My beloved sea"

A new online exhibition...

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26 Jun 2023

Summer adventure with friends at the CVAR

Α summer day with friends at the museum...

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17 Jun 2023

Painting Exhibition "My Sea... dive into art"

Painting Exhibition "My Sea... dive into art" featuring works of the children who participated in the Seascape Drawing Contest, …

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13 Jun 2023

Results of the seascape competition

The results of the competition

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01 Jun 2023

Summer at the CVAR 2023

Summer at the museum...

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23 Mar 2023

International Museum Day 2023

The International Museum Day is celebrated every year...

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28 Feb 2023

Seascape Drawing Contest: My beloved sea...a dive into art

The 3rd annual drawing contest in collaboration with the Deputy Ministry of Tourism is on!

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14 Feb 2023

School Post Cards!

School Post Cards from our trip! Mitsero Primary School

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24 Jan 2023

Cypriot Culinary Experiences Documentary Screening

On Tuesday 24 January EU Infopoint and CVAR premiered the bicommunal film Cypriot Culinary Experiences.

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12 Jan 2023

The news of CVAR's Educational Department

Museum-education news, educational programmes and activities

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11 Jan 2023

Theatre at the museum ''Street Food''

Theatre at the museum ''Street Food''

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03 Oct 2022

Museum children's book writing contest

New children's book writing contest 'The objects...talk'

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31 Aug 2022

Travel drawing contest results

Announcement of results

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29 Aug 2022

New full-time position: Research Centre & Library Manager

The CVAR seeks to hire a highly motivated individual for the position of Research Centre and Library Manager.

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29 Jul 2022

New full-time position: Publicity, Marketing & Social Media Coordinator

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27 Jun 2022

Our children's drawing contest has been extended until 31 July 2022!

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05 May 2022

Visit of Ms Anastasiades and Mr Gauthier Destenay

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08 Oct 2021

Επέστρεψαν τα σχολεία!

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26 Jul 2021

Seeking Volunteers!

The CVAR is offering a unique opportunity to anyone interested in joining our team on a volunteer basis.

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25 Jun 2021

Results for the competition 'Children Drawing Cyprus'

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18 May 2021

Tourism Poster Contest: Children Drawing Cyprus

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