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18 Jun 2024

Did you know? Platres

This village in the Troodos mountains lies at an altitude of 1100 meters. It is believed that it existed since the Middle Ages. The name may come from the French platre-s, which means “white” or “plaster”. A Frankish monastery once existed just above the village and the monks, dressed in white, were described as “platrai”.

The village flourished during the colonial period, when it was used as a summer resort not only by locals but also by people from the Near East. Many dignitaries visited the place and spent their summers in the cool air of Platres such as King Farouk of Egypt, Daphne du Maurier the famous author, the poet laureate George Seferis, Princess Mary and Prince George of England, Princess Irene of Greece, many prime ministers of various countries etc.

Today, Platres remains one of the most popular resorts for summer and a ski resort in winter.

PNT-00724: Sunrise from bedroom at Platres (4,600 ft), P.N.A.L, watercolour, ca. 1930

© Costas and Rita Severis Foundation

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