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07 May 2024

Did you know? Censuses in Cyprus

Not many censuses were conducted in Cyprus over the Ottoman period. The census of 1777 by Kyprianos shows that 84,000 souls inhabited the island out of which, 37,000 were Greek Orthodox and 47,000 Moslem. In 1841 Talat Effendi conducted another census whereby 106,000 souls lived in Cyprus out of which 33,300 were Moslems, 73,200 Greek Orthodox, 2,100 others: 500 Europeans, 1400 Maronites and 200 Armenians.

In the British census of 1881, the Moslems rose to 45,458, the Greek Orthodox to 137,631 and 2,541 were: 1,275 Roman Catholics, 830 Maronites, 174 Armenians, 173 Protestants, 5 Coptic, 68 Jews, 15 Gypsies and 1 other. The total population in the government-controlled areas of Cyprus on October 1, 2021, was 923,272 persons.

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