18 Haz 2024

Did you know? Platres

This village in the Troodos mountains lies at an altitude of 1100 meters. It is believed that it existed since …

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11 Haz 2024

Did you know? Othello

Shakespeare wrote his play Othello in 1603-1604. His source was the story of a Moorish Captain (third decade, story …

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04 Haz 2024

Did you know? Kyrenia

Keryneia, Ceryneia, Keronia or Keraunia, Cinyiriam, or Kerini, Kyrenia, Cyrene, has been in existence since the 13th century BC.

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28 May 2024

Did you know? Greek Priest in Famagusta

Magda Ohnefalsch-Richter mentions the story of a Greek priest in Famagusta who heals and saves people bitten by the poisonous …

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21 May 2024

Did you know? Paphos

The Varangians, Scandinavian warriors who often joined the Crusaders, had their fleet anchored at Baffa, as Paphos was then …

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14 May 2024

Did you know? Larnaca

Larnaca was the first town to own a printing press and in September 1878, the first newspaper circulated. It …

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07 May 2024

Did you know? Censuses in Cyprus

Not many censuses were conducted in Cyprus over the Ottoman period. The census of 1777 by Kyprianos shows that 84,000 …

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30 Nis 2024

Did you know? Coral

Corals are invertebrate animals belonging to a large group of colourful and fascinating animals called Cnidaria. Corals are generally …

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23 Nis 2024

Did you know? Villa Claudia

In the eighteenth century, Mr Treadway, the richest English merchant in Cyprus, built a most magnificent house in …

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16 Nis 2024

Did you know? Cynara cardunculus or Hostes

A wild plant with thorny leaves growing between April and June on rocky grounds. It can be found at the …

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09 Nis 2024

Did you know? The Palazzo

Just after the death of James II, better known as James the Bastard, the last of the Lusignan kings …

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02 Nis 2024

Did you know? All Sir Garnet

When Cyprus passed to the British in 1878, the first High Commissioner was Sir Garnet Wolseley. Upon his …

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26 Mar 2024

Did you know? The Cyprus Review

By the 1950s the British administration and the British Government in England were faced with the Greek community’s agitation and …

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19 Mar 2024

Did you know? The British in Cyprus

By the end of the 19th century along with the development of ethnography, the British artists’ interest moved from …

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12 Mar 2024

Did you know? Maronite villages

Girolamo Dandini from Perugia was commissioned by the Pope in 1596 to visit the Maronites in Lebanon. On his way, …

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05 Mar 2024

Did you Know? Commemorative Plates

In 1925 when Cyprus became officially a crown colony, the Staffordshire potteries produced a series of commemorative plates called …

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27 Şub 2024

Did you know? Coronation mugs

It is a tradition in Britain to produce and circulate mugs on the occasion of a king or queen’s coronation …

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20 Şub 2024

Did you know? Hanging egg

In a display cabinet on the second floor of CVAR, you will see a small porcelain “egg” shaped object with …

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13 Şub 2024

Did you know? Dinner service

When the first High Commissioner, Sir Garnet Wolseley, came to Cyprus, he wanted to give dinner parties to meet …

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06 Şub 2024

Did you know? Patchouli

Patchouli is a species of flowering plant in the family commonly called the mint or deadnettle family.

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30 Oca 2024

Did you know? The Copts in Cyprus

The Copts are an ethno-religious group that primarily inhabit the area of modern Egypt, where they are the largest Christian …

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23 Oca 2024

Did you know? Les fêtes de Paphos

Les fêtes de Paphos (The Festivals of Paphos) is an opera-ballet in three acts by the French composer …

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16 Oca 2024

Did you know? The mulberry tree

Cyprus was famous for its silk production. Silkworms were fed on mulberry leaves from trees which could be found all …

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09 Oca 2024

Did you know? Orchis Αnatolica var. troodi

The Orchis Αnatolica var. troodi species is endemic to Cyprus.

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