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10 Jan 2023

Did You Know? The Legislative Council 7.12.1928

This list includes the names of all present at the Legislative Council 1928:

1.President: His Excellency and Commander in Chief, Sir Ronald Storrs, (His Ecxellency Reginald Nicholson, CMG, Office Administering the Government, acted during the Governor’s absence on leave).

2. Ex Officio Members: The Honourable Colonial Secretary, Reginald Nicholson, CMG, (Lieut-Colonel Alexander Elder Beattie, CBE, MC, Chief Assistant Secretary, acted during Mr. Nicholson’s tenure of office as Officer Administrating the Government).

3. The Honourable Attorney General, Charles Cyril Gerahty. (Mr. Neoptolemos Paschalis, Solicitor-General, acted during Mr. Gerahty’s absence on leave).

4. The Honourable Treasurer, Edgal Du Boulay (Mr. Clive Watts, Deputy Treasurer, acted during Mr. Du Boulay’s absence on leave).

Nominated Official Members:

5. The Honourable Charles Henry Hart-Davis, Commissioner of Nicosia and Kyrenia. (Mr. James Drogo Montagu, Acting Commissioner of Nicosia and Kyrenia, acted during Mr. Hart-Davis’ absence on leave).

6. The Honourable Leut-Col Albert Ernest Gallagher, Chief Commandant of Police and Inspector of Prisons. (Mr. James Drogo Montagu Acting Chief Commandant of Police acted during Leut-Col Gallagher’s absence on leave).

7. The Honourable Ernest Shae Corsellis, Director of Health.

8. The Honourable George Frederick Wilson, Comptroller of Customs and Exiles. (The Reverend Canon Frank Darval Newham OBE, Director of Education, acted during Mr. Wilson’s absence on leave).

9. The Honourable Arnold Alfred Price Dunbart Stone, Director of Public Works.

10.The Honourable Morley Thomas Dawe, OBE, Director of Agriculture. (Mr. Neoptolemos Paschalis, Solicitor-General, was appointed provisionally to fill the vacancy caused by Mr. McDonald’s retirement from public service and until Mr. Dewe’s appointment).

Elected members:

(Elected by Mohammedan Voters)

11. 1st Electoral District(Nicosia and Kyrenia): The Honourable Mehmet Munir

12. 2nd Electoral District (Famagusta and Larnaca): The Honourable Mahmud Djelaleddin

13. 3rd Electoral District (Limassol and Paphos):The Honourable Doctor Eyioub Moussa

(Elected by non-Mohammedan Voters):

14. 1st Electoral District (The Nahieh of Deyirmenlik): The Honourable Stavros Georghiou Stavrinakis

15. 2nd Electoral District( The Nahieh of Dagh): The Honourable Haji Eftychios Haji Procopi

16. 3rd Electoral District (The Nahiehs of Lefka and Morphou): The Honourable George Haji Pavlou.

17. 4th Electoral District (The Nahieh of Kyrenia): The Honourable Demosthenis Severes (returned unopposed at By-Election held on 1st February 1928).

18. 5th Electoral District (The Nahieh of Famagusta): The Honourable George Soteriou Emphiedjis

19. 6th Electoral District (The Nahiehs of Mesaoria and Karpas): The Honourable Kyriakos Pavlou Rossides

20. 7th Electoral District (The Nahieh of Larnaca-east, including Larnaca Town): The Honourable Luke Zeno Pierides

21. 8th Electoral District (The Nahieh of Larnaca-west, excluding Larnaca Town): The Honourable The Most Reverant the Metropolitan Nicodemos Mylonas

22. 9th Electoral District (The Nahieh of Limassol): The Honourable Panayiotis Loizou Cacoiannis

23. 10th Electoral District The Nahiehs of Evdhimou and Kilani): The Honourable Michael Heracles Michaelides.

24. 11th Electoral District (The nahieh of Paphos): The Honourable Neophytos Nicolaides (returned unopposed at By-Election held on 1st February 1928).

25. 12th Electoral District (The Nahieh of Krysokhou and Kelokethara): The Honourable Phaedon Ioannides.

26. Clerk of the Council: Mr Thales Cababar

27. Turkish Interpreter: Mr. Hband Utudjian

28 Greek Interpreter: Mr. Nicos Stylianakis.

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