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18 Aug 2022

Did You Know? Sir Robert Armitage

Sir Robert Perceval Armitage (1906-1990) was Colonial Administrator in Cyprus in 1954. Writing to his mother he made quite a few interesting comments about the British colony in Kyrenia:


My dearest Mother and Father,

…we went on Sunday to Kyrenia to meet the prominent people of the town at a reception. This was held at the club before lunch and over 100 people must have been there. The majority were English as the main English population lives around this miniature port. We met various people whom we had been advised about. … we went on to lunch at Sir Courtney Manifold’s he is over 90 and a famous character of Kyrenia. He is now married to Lionel Curtis’ sister, who is much younger than her is of course. His first wife was a great collector and when they came 20 years ago. [ie 1934] they hired a complete ship I gather to bring their possessions from the far East. Many have since been sold, but the house is still like a museum/junk shop. The Blackalls were there, he was in Accra with us as President of the W.A.F. court of appeal. When he was A.G. Cyprus, he married the daughter of one of the rich merchant’s here. They have now built themselves a house outside Kyrenia.

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