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14 Nov 2023

Did you know? Orgeat syrup or Soumada

Originally made from grain - it got its name from the French word orge, meaning “barley” - orgeat syrup is now most traditionally made from a combination of almonds (sometimes other nuts as well) and orange flower water. it has a subtle perfume from that orange flower water. This non-alcoholic sweetener is typically made one of two ways: either steeping finely chopped nuts in a simple syrup or making a syrup by adding sugar directly to a prepared nut milk that is then cooked low and slow.

In Cyprus, a similar syrup is known as soumádha (σουμάδα). Soumada has a very ancient history at least in Cyprus, stretching back into the Roman period, and it was given as an exotic delicacy by King Peter I of Cyprus to King Casimir the Great of Poland at the Congress of Krakow held in 1364.

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