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21 May 2022

Did You Know? Nicosia Bastions

The choice of eleven bastions was based on the fact that Cyprus had eleven administrative provinces or contrade. Thus, the new enceinte of the capital would allegorically incorporate the provinces in the number of its new bastions. It appears that this was the initial symbolism behind the number of the bastions which were dedicated to the noble families who funded their construction. The names of the bastions are as follows: Caraffa/Altun, Podocataro/Suslu, Costanza/Bayraktar, Davila/Karaman, Tripoli/Değirmen, Rochas/Kaytazağa, Mula/Zahra, Querini/Cephane, Barabaro/Musalla, Lorendano/Cevisli, Flatro/zeytinli.

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