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12 Sep 2023

Did you know? Features of Government House

While building the Government House, the British wanted to incorporate architectural features from all over Cyprus. Thus, the main portico with its columns on the second floor is based on the construction of the monastery of Acheropiitos, near Lapithos. The south cloister with elliptical arches is taken from the monastery of Myrtou. The panelling under the eaves is in Turkish style. The gargoyles in the north portico are copied from Bedestan while the carved capitals are copied from Lambousa, Nicosia and other places. The proportion of the tower is taken from Kolossi while the Byzantine dome is a copy from Antiphonitis monastery. The entrance door is the same as Ayios Chrysostomos monastery. The curtains inside are decorated with designs from those on the throne of Trikoukkia monastery.

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