22 Apr 2024

Weaving Workshops for school groups with BeOpen Art Foundation

Workshops for school groups, aged 12-17
Cyprus Handicraft Heritage

Monday & Tuesday, 22-23 April 2024 

BE OPEN Foundation and CVAR launch an educational initiative for school groups dedicated to the popularisation and preservation of traditional Cyprus fabric production techniques.

On April 22 and 23, BE OPEN and CVAR will run six educational sessions consisting of a lecture on responsible entrepreneurship based on the experience of Andreani Panayide, who will share her journey from trying to discover her cultural heritage to establishing a fashion brand that trades in accessories and clothes internationally; and a master class by Elli Filokyprou, a weaver of over 20 years of experience, who runs her weaving workshop in the village of Gourri.

Accustomed as we are today to wearing industrial mass-produced clothing, it is difficult for us to appreciate the toil, time and talent invested into the creation of traditional clothing by craftsmen in their workshops. The classes are dedicated to giving children and students, a basic understanding of the beauty and complexity of work done by human hands, inspired by centuries of Cypriot weaving traditions.