11 Nov 2023

Saturdays at the museum: ''Step into my shoes''

This workshop is based (after obtaining relevant permission) on the children's book by Alkisti Halikia "The shoes of Others" Ikaros publications, and focuses both on getting to know the museum's collection of historical shoes and on the concepts of acceptance and empathy, thereby promoting interculturality. The shoe is used as a "narrator" of the past but also as a symbol, based on the expression "I step into the other person's shoes"; that is, I try to become the other person for a while and perceive the feelings, actions and other elements that characterize them so that I may understand them better.

The workshop will be held in Greek. For more information please visit the Greek version of the website.

The program is made possible with the support of the Active Citizens Fund.

Shoes CVAR 1.jpg

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