06 Apr 2017

Othello's Island Conference, 6 April 2017

When: Thursday 06 April 2017 09:00am - 05:00pm

1. Othelos island conference - 6.4.17 othellos-island-1.jpg

6-8 April 2017, 09:00am - 05:00pm

The annual international conference on Byzantine, Medieval, Renaissance, and Early Modern Art, Literature, Historical, Social and Cultural Studies 

​Lead Academic Co-ordinator: Dr Michael Paraskos (SOAS University of London)

This conference is staged in 2017 in memory of our dear colleague, and co-founder of Othello's Island, Benedict Read, of Leeds University, who died in October 2016

For Registration: http://www.othellosisland.org/
For information on the Programme please presshttps://issuu.com/artcyprus4/docs/othellos_island_2017_programme

Attracting speakers from all over the world, Othello's Island is the conference to present and discover the latest research on the medieval, renaissance and early modern periods, and to make new connections between the different disciplines.The location of the conference on the beautiful Mediterranean island of Cyprus adds an additional dimension to the event. Not only was Cyprus a significant economic, political and cultural force in the medieval and early modern period, but it seems to have cast a spell over writers, artists and other cultural figures across Europe long after its power had been eclipsed.This legacy is evident in numerous works of art and literature from the period, but also in the surviving medieval and renaissance material culture in Cyprus itself, from painted Byzantine monasteries, to French Gothic cathedrals, to well-preserved crusader castles.But the Othello's Island Conference is not only about Cyprus or the Levant. It is a broad-ranging and truly multidisciplinary conference, in which we have had previous papers on topics as diverse as climate change in medieval Iceland, the writings of Cervantes, and the art of Carravaggio.

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