03 Dec 2021

Lecture: The Princess Berengaria of Navarre crowned Queen of England in Cyprus.

Dr Alicia Villar (VIU) will be coming from Spain to deliver a most interesting lecture on Princess Berengaria at the CVAR on Friday 3 December at 19:00.

Alicia Villar Lecumberri has a Doctorate of Philology from the Complutense University of Madrid, from the department of Greek Philology. Since she brilliantly defended her doctoral thesis in Greek metrics in 1993, she wanted to delve into the study of the language and culture of present-day Greece, and she did. Today, she is a well-known modern Greek teacher, translator, and interpreter in the field of Neo-Hellenism.

Dr Villar has published various works and translations of classical and contemporary Greek authors. Among her most representative works are the modern Greek translation of the History of the Greek Language by her teacher, Professor D. Francisco Rodríguez Adrados; the edition, translation and notes of the Poetics of Aristotle, in Alianza Editorial and a work that has become a reference work for current Greek literature, Contemporary Greek Literature (From 1821 to today), whose second edition, revised and enlarged, has just been published.

  • The lecture will be held in Greek
  • Entrance is free

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The events taking place at the Museum comply with all COVID-19 measures under the guidelines of the Ministry of Health.

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