22 Mar 2023

Lecture: The Latin Community of Cyprus and its Historical Antecedents

Lecture: The Latin Community of Cyprus and its Historical Antecedents: Clergy and Laity

by Dr Nicholas Coureas
Senior Researcher at the Cyprus Research Centre

Date: 22 March 2023
Location: The CVAR
Commencement: 19:30

The lecture will address the origins and development of the contemporary Latin community of Cyprus from the beginning of the era of Ottoman rule until today. It will begin with a presentation and analysis of the status of the Latins at the end of the 16th century, the various changes it experienced during the Ottoman era as well as the new perspectives and changes that came with the transition of the rule of Cyprus to the British Empire. Finally, the current situation and possible future prospects of this community are discussed.

The first part of the lecture focuses on the Latin clergy of Cyprus and the second part is on the laity.

The lecture will be held in English
Duration 1 hr with Q&A

The lecture is organized by The Representative of the Latin Community in the House of Representatives, Antonella Mantovani

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