13 Sep 2022

Exhibition: "Mom, I don't want war!"

"A child is not a soldier, he does not defend the homeland, though he suffers with it."
Janusz Korczak

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The Polish embassy, together with the Ukrainian embassy, will be presenting incredibly moving testimonies of war – from historical drawings of Polish children from 1946, which are a record of their experiences during World War II and the German occupation of 1939-1945, preserved in the Central Archives of Modern Records in Warsaw and contemporary drawings of Ukrainian children, related to the war currently taking place in Ukraine, collected on the ”Mom, I see War!” portal.

The aim is to show that war always looks the same through the eyes of a child. Irrespective of place and time, it is a huge evil, and the child is always the victim of it. The similarity between historical and present day drawings is striking. Children draw tanks, planes dropping bombs, fires and explosions. They draw the injured and the dead, the ruined houses, the graves. They draw themselves and their family, they draw evacuation and escape. But they also draw hope and their dreams for the future.

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By putting images and words together in thematic groups: fighting, occupation, family, repression, resistance, destruction, victory-hope, we want to emphasize the fact of how similar the scenarios of the invading wars are. The time changes, the place changes, the child witnesses change, but war is always the same.

The exhibition will be open to the public from Tuesday 13 September until Saturday
17 September 2022 at the CVAR.

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