Alfred Westholm, member of the Swedish Archaeological Expedition to Cyprus, wrote to his parents about his love for Vouni:

The dig at Kythrea is still going on but I hope to have everything completed tomorrow evening, when I come back to town and am able to see Einar. Sadly I cannot even consider having time to go and fetch him in Famagusta. Vivi will have to do that on her own. The results of the excavation are quite satisfactory, as far as I can see. It was just a little job of some 10 days or so. Just this evening we found a very fine little Neolithic stone idol, which is of the greatest interest. For the rest there are several different strata of the “strange” ceramics. We shall see what Einar says! On Sunday we made a trip to Vouni with the children to inspect the conservation work. It was a marvellously beautiful day and Vouni was the same as before. It can probably never change essentially. In September I shall be stationed up there again for closer study of the walls and of the water transport systems. Naturally I long terribly for this time. I suppose that will be the last I see of Vouni! Now I must end by telling you that I feel very good indeed, and probably on Monday I will go down to Kition again for a fortnight. Then to the longed-for Amathus! I think I forgot to tell you that I have a pleasant little dog named Pripp.