What I Saw

28 Jul 2023

Jacobus de Verona

Jacobus de Verona, an Augustinian monk, left Verona May 7, 1835, embarked at Venice May 29, visited Gypms, preached at Nicosia before Hugues IV. de Lusignon, and left the island on July 21 for the Holy Land, Sinai and Egypt, returning in October to his home.

In that city of Cyprus and in the island I saw the novelties which I note here below. The first is that on that day, the last of June, and that very hour when I entered the harbour several large vessels and galleys and gripparia came from Armenia, from the city of Logaze, crowded with old men, children, women, orphans and wards more than fifteen hundred in number, who were flying from Armenia because the Soldan had sent hosts, many and mighty, to destroy it, and they burnt all that plain and carried off captive more than twelve thousand persons, over and above those whom they had slain with the sword, and they began to destroy it, as I was told by Venetian merchants who were there, on Ascension Day, which fell on May 25. O Lord God, sad indeed it was to see that multitude in the square of Famagosta, children crying and moaning at their mothers' breasts, old men and starving dogs howling. Hear it, ye Christians who live in your own towns and homes, eating and drinking and reared in luxury, who care not to make the Holy Land your own, and to restore it to the Christian Faith!

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