What I Saw

27 Apr 2024

Lady Franklin

What Lady Franklin noted in 1833 brings to light another construction near the Limassol castle, a smaller version, a fort:

Below the mosque is an oblong compact-looking castle of hewn stone. It seems to be shut up and uninhabited, but I believe some soldiers go into it at night. There is another castle or fort of similar dimensions on the beach of the marina, or lower part of the town, and near to this is the house of the Commandante della Piazza. It must be the lower castle which is alluded to in the sailing book, where it says that Limassol may be known by the old castle that stands on the shore. “You may anchor before the castle in any depth from 12 to 6 fathoms, on good ground. In the winter season ships lie in 8 or 9 fathoms, but in the summer in 6 or 7. South-east winds blow directly in.”

Watercolour: PNT-00812, Limassol, Anonymous, 1878

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