What I Saw

08 Mar 2024

Esme Scott-Stevenson visited Asomatos village in 1878

In 1878, Esme Scott-Stevenson visited Asomatos village where a wedding was taking place.

I asked to see the bride and was taken to the bride’s home. She was seated and looked after by her bridesmaid who kept her veil down. For two days she sat there, motionless and only being given some food every now and then. They lifted her up and brought her to me and she kissed my hand. She wore a green silk skirt and a black velvet gilet and under it a silk shirt and many rows of gold chains. Her loose hair reached her waist and were decorated with gold glass beads. Her head was covered by a white kerchief with gold embroidery at the corners. She wore high yellow boots and her hands were decorated with awful designs made from henna, as were her nails. Until the arrival of the groom, those present danced for us. First the ladies and then the men. The men rather wrestled than danced. Two young men were naked to the waist and the wrestling started. Some shots in the air announced the arrival of the groom, but we had to leave.

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