Sneak Peek

28 Jun 2024

Sneak Peek: Venus au bain

PNT-00518 >Venus au bain, C. Vanlor, etching, 19th century

Aphrodite or Venus, was always associated with the island of Cyprus. The island claims to host the site of her baths, as well as being her birthplace. The etching depicts an imaginary scene portraying the goddess surrounded by nereids and dogs. The representation of voluptuous female bodies in the picture corresponds to the aesthetic of the period up to the end of the 18th century. The introduction of veils covering the private parts of female bodies marks the emergence of the conservative Victorian ethos.

The 'Sneak Peek' series is supported by OPAP (Cyprus).

PNT-00518 C. Vanlor Venus au bain., 19th cent. engraving, 46 x 35 cm.jpg

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