13 Jun 1727

The pilgrim Bar’s kyj’s during his second trip to Cyprus visited Panagia tou Kykkou

 The pilgrim Bar’s kyj’s during his second trip to Cyprus visited Panagia tou Kykkou:

On Monday, June 13, we left for the monastery called Panagia tou Kykkou so that we could worship there. It is situated high in the mountains, in the wilderness, two days walking distance from Limassol. We travelled slowly and arrived there on the third day. We were warmly welcomed by the monks and stayed there as visitors for a whole week, because of the beauty of the monastery and the sanctity of the place. They call this Monastery Kykko, from which is derived Panagia toy Kykkou, in other words the Mother of God of Kykko. It is not a large structure but is attractive in its construction and location. It is a storey building, all made of stone and covered with ceramic tiles laid on wooden framework. The church stands separately and in itself it’s small but beautiful, with a single dome and with windows in the drum. It is about as wide as it is long and is all covered with paintings of saints. This church contains an icon of the most holy Mother of God, called the Hodegetria, where she holds on her right arm Our Lord Jesus, shown as an infant, all done very skilfully, as shown here.