13 May 1930

Swedish Archeologist Alfred Westholm wrote to his parents emphasising the growing popularity of the Swedes in Cyprus:

Our life here at Amathus is easily studied by all who pass by on the road, and my simple reed hut is becoming all more known. I suspect it is what has inspired the Cypriotes to a large national gift to the Swedish archaeologists as thanks for their hard work on the island. There was a great appeal announced in the last issue of the newspaper Elefteria. Our personalities were described as practically supernatural, our lifestyle as the most rudimentary and perilous one can imagine. Our work is unrelentingly gruelling and not for a minute do we spare ourselves or hesitate to sacrifice our comfort for the sake of scholarship, for the exploration of Cypruss history. Therefore the entire Cypriote people must gather as one and do something for us, a great national holiday and a national gift offered collectively by the entire thankful population! That is the mood, and that event will surely come to reality unless we avert it. You should be here and see what an influence the Swedes have, on some people in particular. They are frankly bewitched by all things Swedish.