11 Nov 1928

Rupert Gunnis, ADC to Governor Ronald Storrs, was busy on Armistice Day

Rupert Gunnis, ADC to Governor Ronald Storrs, was busy on Armistice Day:

In uniform to the Armistice Day service at the English Church, very well done indeed.The four zaptieh, bugles sounding, the Last Post in the porch. Then to visit the hospital and to lay wreaths on the graves of the British soldiers in the English cemetery.

Changed and with Alexis in my car to Kyrenia. Had lunch at his village (Thermia) and saw all his family, such nice people. Then to the castle and told the zaptieh in charge some of the chief dates, history etc so when he takes visitors round he can tell them a little. With the Dennis’s to Costa Demetriades’s wedding, he is the Police officer, a very crowded church and an odd service as the bride was a Maronite. Then all to the house and congratulated the happy pair and had food drinks etc. such a crowd. Picked up Alexis and so back.