01 Jan 1396

Ogier VIII, Seigneur d’ Anglure, began his visit to Nicosia

Ogier VIII, Seigneur d’ Anglure, began his visit to Nicosia:

This New Year’s day our baggage was loaded and we mounted our horses to go to the said city of Nicosia where the King was. And we took the road to go as pilgrims straight to the Holy Cross, which is in Cyprus. It is the cross on which the good thief was hanged at the right hand of our Saviour Jesus Christ. This cross is of very great virtue, and a wonderful thing to behold…Tuesday following, January 4, about noon we entered the city of Nicosia, which is a very goodly city and fair and great. And in this city the king of Cyprus dwells more often than any other town or fortress of this country. The king of Cyprus is a pretty fine man, and speaks French well enough. He made us good cheer, and showed great signs of love to the pilgrims: for, as has been said before, as soon as he knew that we were arrived in Limeso, and that we desired to see him, he sent us horses and mules to go to Nicosia, that is to the Friars Minor, and thither he made them bring us clean beds from his palace, namely mattresses of wool to lie on, and carpets to put around our rooms. Wednesday, the fifth day of January, which was the eve of the twelfth night, the King of Cyprus sent us pilgrims a gift of one hundred fowls, twenty sheep, two oxen, four vessels full of a very good red wine, and four skins full of a very good wine of Marboa, and very great plenty of very good white bread.