26 Dec 1395

Ogier VIII, Seigneur d' Anglure, landed at Limassol

Ogier VIII, Seigneur d' Anglure, landed at Limassol:

We landed at this same town of Limeso, which was formerly a very fair city, the following Sunday, the feast of S. Stephen, the first martyr, December 26, 1395. And know that this city of Limeso, which is for the most part uninhabited, was thus destroyed of old by the Genoese when they made war on the king of Cyprus, and they still hold a very fair city and good harbour which is called Famagosta in Cyprus. This excepted the king of Cyprus enjoys peaceably the whole island, which has a circuit of seven hundred miles. In this city of Limeso we sojourned from the said Sunday until the following Saturday, New Year's day, and on that day the king of Cyprus [Jacques I. de Lusignan] sent us one of his esquires, and with him mules, horses and porters to carry our baggage to the city of Nicosia.