24 Apr 1882

Lieut-Colonel Donisthorpe Donne visited Peristerona village


Lieut-Colonel Donisthorpe Donne visited Peristerona village:

From Yerollako to Peristerona is not a heavy day’s journey but as we moved about in all manner of directions to inspect the various traps we did not get to our night’s resting place till evening. Passing through Acachie (Akaki) and Tremithia we rode to Meniko in which direction the locusts were marching in hosts, and the river was brown with them. They made no difficulty of crossing it, taking their chance of being washed up on the opposite side and then proceeding to attack their crops. Naim Eff, the energetic Mudir of Lefka, was here running up Screens in all directions to intercept their march. Meniko is a quaint little Greek village, after the usual pattern. We got down to Peristerona towards evening and I took a drawing of the extremely curious Greek church which is of great antiquity and has three or four domes springing from the roof. Being on the high road to Troodos, Peristerona is accustomed to see strangers passing through and an old Turkish lady offers excellent accommodation in a superior 2d story old house with a well furnished divined room for travellers. The wall there which was scratched over with the names of those who had found shelter there, acted as a visitor’s book.