01 May 1928

In a letter to his mother, Alfred Westholm of the Swedish Archaeological expedition to Cyprus describes his relaxing moments at Vouni:

After lunch, work at the excavation until 4, when we take afternoon tea (a meal just recently introduced at the excavation here at Vouni). Here my working day more or less ends, for after this we inspect the excavation and directly thereafter climb down the nearly 300 metres high slope to the sea, where we enjoy a divine ocean swim in the sinking evening sun beneath the massive vertical cliffs of Vouni. When our beach cigarettes have slowly burned out, we begin the arduous climb back up. I have hardly ever seen anywhere anything as beautiful as the evening light in the ravine with its stream that we must follow to climb back up. Once back on the top, we sit down to dinner while the moon shines ever more intensely on the glasses on the table, on our own countenances, and on the great, wondrous landscape that stretches out in every direction. To the north we see the snowy mountains in Anatolia behind the Kerynia chain, which fades away far up toward Karpassos; there is the great plain with the violet flowers and right over the middle of the valley in the south, the great Tróodos mountains rise nearby.