05 Jul 1426

Leontios Machairas refers to King Janus preparing for the battle of Khirokitia

Leontios Machairas refers to King Janus preparing for the battle of Khirokitia:

On the morning of Friday 5 July 1426 after Christ the king with all his army came to Kherokitia; and they lodged in the tower of Kherokitia with the knights and the rest of the army pitched tents. Others made themselves shelters. And they were spread over so much ground that when the herald had to give an order, for they had no trumpet- he would have start out early and would not have done the full rounds by midday; and if he had to publish another order, he would start out at midday and not have finished his rounds by nightfall. The Saracens wrote a letter and sent it to the king; and they sent it to him by a villager. And it was as follows: “Valorous lord, we have come to this country, and you have not, as befits a son of our lord the Sultan, sent any one of your people to receive us and to find out what are our desires and our demands. Now we send you this message that you must come forth to us, that we may make a fresh bond together with stipulations of peace; and on these terms that you do not allow pirates and other freebooters to harass us, and that you do not give them the hospitality of your country but that you take our friends as your friends and our enemies as your enemies, like good friends and neighbours…