22 Jun 1931

George Jeffery on the issue of the alterations on Famagusta Gate by the British

 George Jeffery, on the issue of the alterations on Famagusta Gate by the British: 

Hon. C.S.,

The question is one of more of procedure than anything. If the president of the Amenity Committee is convinced that the alterations at the Famagusta Gate are evidences of a ‘’well thought out plan’’, I suppose there is nothing further to say. If the matter had been discussed at the Amenity Committee the question might have arisen if the aqueduct is syphoned closed to the S. side of the Gate, and also close to the N. side in conformity with the project approved 23/1.31, why retain the portion which marks the ancient Venetian gateway. Whenever this marking position is removed and modern water tanks, pumping stations, and the poorhouse with all their accessories are revealed the grand old Venetian gateway dedicate to the memory of Savorgnano will have lost much of its dignity.The Commisioner has confused the Ringstrasse outside the town designed by Sir W.H. Smith with a new roadway inside the town. The chance of making an imposing historical monument attractive to the general public seems to have been lost: this is the more to be regretted because Nicosia contains so little that interests persons of taste and intelligence.