24 Jun 1882

From the private journal of Lieutenant Donisthopre Donne on taking a break in Troodos


From the private journal of  Lieutenant Donisthopre Donne on taking a  break in Troodos:

I took a run up to Troodos on the 24th for a day or two holiday. Starting at daybreak I rode up to Platres in 5 hours and from there on in camp at the top, finding a rest in Keay’s tent. What a glorious place Troodos is to enjoy a few day’s cool rest after the hot plains, and who could describe the wonderful panorama view from the top! It is second only to extend to Etna that I have seen in the Mediterranean. The sea vanishes into the sky all round except Karamanian (Taurus) direction, where the opposite Mountains stand out grander and bolder than ever as if disputing the sovereignty of the seas with old Olympus. The rocky ridges of Troodos spring up all round and away in the west is Chrisofou (Khrysokhou) Bay and the fine promontory of Arnauti. Limassol can be seen with a glass and on a fine day even the Towers of the Cathedral at Famagusta. It is the favourite promenade of Troodos Society to walk to the Summit on an evening.