29 Dec 1474

From George Boustronios’ chronicle

From George Boustronios’ chronicle:

And as soon as they had mounted Luke Hariri, a valet of the count de Rochas, came up and said to them: ‘My lords, know that just as you departed from Famagusta, Sir James Zaplana happened to be hidden outside Famagusta! Furthermore, as soon as you arrived, he immediately sent word to the archbishop and to Rizzo to come outside Famagusta, to speak to him and, if they could, to bring the count de Rochas out along with them. On hearing this, moreover, they mounted their horses and went out from Famagusta. And after a short time the count de Rochas also ventured forth. And John de Naves, who happened to be at the Famagusta Gate to guard the place, did not allow him to exit, but instead turned him right back and sealed the gates straightaway. Besides, the archbishop, Rizzo and Zaplana departed. And I do not know anything else to tell you, because as soon as these events transpired they sent me to bring you the news…