15 Nov 1473

Extract from George Boustronios’ narrative referring to Kyrenia

 Extract from George Boustronios’ narrative referring to Kyrenia:

And on 15 November 1473 Sir Louis Alberic sent a written message from Kyrenia that Sir Paolo Contarini did not wish to surrender Kyrenia to him: ‘’Besides, he says that he does not wish to give Kyrenia to a foreigner who has neither a wife nor children nor a fief on Cyprus, but should it be her (i.e. the queen’s) command, let her send Nicholas Morabit, so that he might surrender it to him!’’ And they send this message to Famagusta, to the queen. Furthermore, the queen instructed the captain of Kyrenia in writing to surrender the castle to Morabit as soon as he set eyes on the order. She also gave written instructions to Sir Nicholas Morabit to appoint a viscount in his place, while he himself should go and take possession of Kyrenia. He, moreover, appointed his father in law, Sir Balian Fresenge, in his place, and went to Kyrenia.