16 Feb 1929

Archaeologist Alfred Westholm, alias Alfiros, visited Kythrea

Archaeologist Alfred Westholm, alias Alfiros, visited Kythrea:

Today we had a Sunday with an automobile outing and our destination was an enormous spring above a village called Kythrea east of Nicosia. The spring is famous across all Cyprus as a special feature of the landscape and it certainly lived up to all expectations now in this first spring greening. We all drove out and took the children with us on our laps. Kythrea lies just at the foot of the Kerynia chain in the middle of a desert-like landscape with small hills, but thanks to the numerous springs and the water that rushes and spurts out everywhere in the village itself, it is like one big thickly overgrown oasis. You have no idea of the geological importance of running water in this dry land! A running river is almost never to be seen, and a gushing spring that does not immediately evaporate is a rarity. Lapithos has 40 springs and the whole village flows year round with running water.