27 May 1933

ADC to Sir Ronald Storrs Rupert Gunnis reflected on an adventure around Akamas:

No black ink! Started at 4.30am in Frangos boat first to the bath of Venus, as lovely as usual, then Ay Nicholas, Fontana Amorosa etc. rough rounding Cape Arnauti. Landed soon after and walked along the shore to Ay Colonas, finding many shells, walked inland from the harbour to the remains of a vast Roman town. Endless opened graves, ruins, a Byzantine church (the villagers had opened a tomb under the altar finding gold earrings etc) and several inscriptions, very worn. (Hogarth seems to have missed this site). In the harbour are two black marble columns used as mooring post. Lunch and then heavy rain. Sailed to Lara where we arrived wet and peevish. Decided to walk to Ayios Georgios with Pte Haralambi, 7 miles in the failing light over a very rough track. Arrived 8.15 at Ay Georgios to find my car had just left. Luckily found a party of hunters, about 50, camping in the church!! Given food and dry clothes, everyone very kind. Took their lorry to Peyia where I found my car. Back to Ktima. In all, this trip took 20 hours!