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22 Apr 2021

Sir Harry Luke, Cyprus: a Portrait and Appreciation, London, Harrap, 1957

One of the most lyrical introductions to the island of Cyprus by Sir Harry Luke who lived in Cyprus for over half a century, from the Ottoman rule of Abdul Hamid to the establishment of the Republic of Cyprus.

A most erudite personality, Luke writes about the monuments, the people, the products and the myths of Cyprus in an engaging and exciting way arousing emotions and enthusiasm

”The Turabi Tekye is not the only shrine in Cyprus venerated by Moslems and Christians. Once when staying in the monastery of Chrysoroiatissa for the annual panegyris, I saw in the church a Turkish woman remove her charshaf and approaching the iconostasis to kiss the icons one by one with the same fervour as her Christian fellow-pilgrims…

Conversely, Christian peasants often repose great faith in Moslem amulets containing verses from the Quran as effective against sickness, death and the evil eye”.

Available at the CVAR library.

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