Inventory Number Title Date
ARF_00017 Cyprus Pictorial Newspaper from March 13th 1959 Inventory Number: ARF_00017 Date: 1959
ARF_00018 Cover of a letter to Nicosia with tape “Opened by Censor” Inventory Number: ARF_00018 Date: c. 1950
ARF_00019 Map of Limassol Inventory Number: ARF_00019 Date: 1941
ARF_00020 Map of Morphou Inventory Number: ARF_00020 Date: c. 1941
ARF_00021 The Annual Sports program Inventory Number: ARF_00021 Date: 1934
ARF_00022 Hush (subtitle - for my son) Inventory Number: ARF_00022 Date: 2008
ARF_00023 Feuille Volant (Operetta Fantasie) «Η αυτού υψηλότης» Inventory Number: ARF_00023 Date: 1931
ARF_00024 Souvenir Program of a Grand Concert Inventory Number: ARF_00024 Date: 1941-01-29
ARF_00025 Extracts from the diaries of Fred Breul 1895-1896 and from the diary of his sister Lady Gellibrand (nee Elsie Breul) 1937 Inventory Number: ARF_00025 Date: 1895-1896, 1937
ARF_00026 Document War of Cyprus Inventory Number: ARF_00026 Date: 1714
ARF_00027 Canon Pietro Casola’s Pilgrimage to Jerusalem in the Year 1494 Inventory Number: ARF_00027 Date: 1907
ARF_00028 Bars’kyj on Cyprus: new material Inventory Number: ARF_00028 Date: 1995
ARF_00029 “Sur les pas de Louis – Francois Cassas en terre d’Aphrodite” “Carnets de voyage de Chypre” Inventory Number: ARF_00029 Date: 2002
ARF_00030 Copy of Program of the Visit of Her Royal Highness the Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon to the Republic of Cyprus Inventory Number: ARF_00030 Date: 1974
ARF_00031 Map of Troodos Inventory Number: ARF_00031 Date: c. 1941
ARF_00032 Map of Lefkara Inventory Number: ARF_00032 Date: c. 1941
ARF_00033 Letter to the Mukhtar and Village Commission Inventory Number: ARF_00033 Date: 1904-09-16
ARF_00034 A collection of articles from the Cyprus Mail Inventory Number: ARF_00034 Date: 1949
ARF_00035 Newspaper Article from The Sydney Morning Herald, The great heroine Australia forgot, Joice Nankivell Loch Inventory Number: ARF_00035 Date: 2006-07-08
ARF_00036 Costumes of the World Inventory Number: ARF_00036 Date: ca. 19th century
ARF_00037 A Triconometrical Survey of the Island of Cyprus Inventory Number: ARF_00037 Date: 1882
ARF_00038-01 St. Paul’s School Concert Program Inventory Number: ARF_00038-01 Date: 1903-12-22
ARF_00038-02 St. Paul’s School Concert Program Inventory Number: ARF_00038-02 Date: 1900
ARF_00039 St. Paul’s Church - Copy of Sermon Inventory Number: ARF_00039 Date: 1887