The CVAR is providing educational programs and activities for students in both primary and secondary school in English, for the year 2021 - 2022. The basic purpose of the educational programs of CVAR is to transform the museum visit into a pleasant experience for the participants, involving them in the educational procedure, mainly through an experiential approach towards the selected subjects.

The educational programs are conducted by the museum educators and experienced collaborators, with specific objectives:

  • To encourage the children to get to know the history, the culture and the socio-political history of our country
  • To cultivate understanding and respect towards the mutual cultural heritage of all Cypriots
  • To constitute an action field for the peaceful co-existence and problem solving of the people of Cyprus
  • To promote the importance of the visual arts in children’s education
  • To present and interpret the artworks and the experience of artists of an international range who visited Cyprus as well as their opinions of the Cypriot people
  • To feel comfortable in the museum space and have fun

Note: The following programmes are offered in English. For programmes in Greek click here.

Tour with the collector (all grades)

The founder of the museum and collector Dr Rita Severis guides the students around the collections of the museum. It is a tour enriched with personal experiences, stories and especially love for every little piece of the collection, and the microhistory of Cyprus.

  • Admission free
  • Duration: 60 minutes

Thematic tours/workshops for school clubs (all grades)

The museum welcomes groups of students for thematic tours and workshops related to activities of school clubs. Photography, art, history and geography clubs will find the museum an excellent place for exploration and creation.

  • Admission: 3 euros (per student)
  • Duration: 90 minutes

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