For the school year 2023-2024 the CVAR offers educational programmes for all the primary school grades. The main purpose of the programmes is to transform the museum visit into a pleasant and creative experience for the children, through their active involvement in the learning procedure and the stimulation of their observation skills and imagination.

*These programmes are offered in English. For programmes in Greek please check the Greek version of the website.

Exploring the museum

A game of observation and imagination in the rooms of the museum! The children are given a list of clues and through them they try to spot paintings and other objects in the museum, unwrapping various stories with the intervention of the museum educator.

Grades: 1-6 | Duration: 90 minutes | Admission: free

Travelling in Cyprus

Who travelled to Cyprus in the 19th century and why? The children get on board on an imaginary 19th-century ship and travel to Cyprus as exploring travellers, artists, archaeologists and physiologists, while later they travel through time with an imaginary plane and arrive at the island as casual visitors…The programme is designed for third and fourth graders and approaches Cyprus as a travel destination from the time European travellers visited the island in early 19th century, to the beginning of organized casual tourism around the end of the British period.

Grades: 3-4 | Admission: free | Duration: 60 minutes

*Approved by the MoESY

Nicosia: with a hat and a pencil

In 1985 the traveller artist Tessa Henderson was offered the most challenging proposal ever; to visit Cyprus and to draw the various buildings and monuments around the island. During the programme, the children meet Tessa and philosophize over her artworks, and then, wearing their hats and with their pencils in hand, they walk around the neighbourhood of the museum. Walking in the footsteps of the artist, they explore the architectural treasures of the Old City of Nicosia.

Grades: 5-6 | Admission: free | Duration: 90 minutes

*Approved by the MoESY

Cyprus in the Ottoman Εra

The programme deals with the social life and the material culture of Cyprus during the Ottoman period (1571-1878 AD). Through the programme, the children have the opportunity to explore, understand and evaluate different aspects of the Ottoman period in Cyprus and detect some of them in the present era.

Grades: 5-6 | Admission: free | Duration: 60 minutes

*Approved by the MoECSY

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