09 May 2018

Nicosia: With a hat and a pencil

We'll wear our hats and walk in the old town of Nicosia...

1. Nicosia - with a hat and a pencil -Hat_and_pencil.jpg

Children will have the opportunity to get to know the works of Tessa Henderson and to see Nicosia alive through her pencil. With methods of experiential approach and role playing, the young artists will walk through the narrow streets and will observe and learn about important monuments of the old town of Nicosia. The walk will end at the museum with discussion and artistic activities with pencil as our main tool.

Ages: For children 6-12 years old

Admission: 5 euros/child

Languages: Greek and English

* Dates for the programme will be announced

* The programme could be scheduled on demand with reservations of groups of five or more children

For informarion and bookings:

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