The American missionary Lorenzo Warriner Pease continued his travels around the island of Cyprus and did not realise he had to make appointments!!

Today, being Mrs Pease’s birthday, we and the Aga’s family made a company and went to the mountain of the Cross. We arose at about 2 o’ clock and got underway by 3.25. We had a fine moon; the morning star was brilliant, and although in some of the ravines the mountain air rushed through with some degree of freshness, we were usually comfortable. The road was very bad, being steep and little used and very narrow. We however arrived at the top about 15 minutes after the sun rose. The monk being absent, we were not able to enter, but we have had some distant views, especially of Lefcara and Lefcosia. There was a slight fog over the plain of Mesaoria. We could not see Famagusta. We made some sketches. At about 10 o’ clock we descended to the lower convent, an hour below and there dined. Neither was the monk at home here, being engaged in his business. We found an old woman and her boy there, taking care of the convent. The convent is dedicated to St Barbara. Who she was I do not know.