Leontios Macheras, Cypriot chronicler attached to the court of the Lusignans, reported an encounter between the Genoese and King Peter II:

 And on Sunday the fifth of August a great Genoese ship appeared: and they came and anchored at Famagusta. And on board her was Messire Peter Malocello the chamberlain of the kingdom of Cyprus. And they brought the lord governor of Genoa, who was coming to the king from the most holy pope to say: ‘At the request of the Genoese and Venetians you are to send envoys to the sultan of Cairo, that they conclude peace, in order that the Christians may be delivered from their torments.’ The regent fitted out two galleys and appointed knights to be their captains, that is Sir (Peter) de Cassi and Sir John Gorap, and also citizens were sent from Famagusta to conclude the peace.