Alfred Westholm, member of the Swedish archaeological expedition to Cyprus, was very proud of his latest discoveries:

There are only good things to report from here. The last week’s excavations have been very interesting and the newspaper men have been running about at all hours of the day and night. Right in the middle of the excavated cult room, we found a depression in the floor and at the bottom of this cavity is the altar encircled by numerous statues. In the hollow there also lay pieces of the sacrificial stone table with clear traces of sacrificial fire. Einar has not seen this yet, but I am sitting here writing while I am waiting for him. Today in the morning I had a letter from him and Vivi with an invitation to spend the week-end in Nicosia and at the same time celebrate Martin’s name day. This was a compensation for last Sunday’s aborted visit. Car trouble had annulled the trip. I so appreciate being able to escape everything here and to be with kind people sometimes.