Rupert Gunnis, ADC to Sir Ronald Storrs, was preparing for the official visit of the Governor of the Dodecanese H. E. Mario Lago to Cyprus:

Down to Famagusta, lunched and changed into uniform. As the feeling in the island (owing to the Italian way of governing the Dodecanese) was so strong we had to modify our plans very much. Placards had been distributed everywhere boycotting the arrival etc and telling people to turn aside and to scowl at him! All down to the pier and on board the yacht as soon as she came in. Landed with S. E Lago, Lady Ottavia and Cav. Botriccioli, one of the dullest little men I’ve ever met. Reception of officials on the pier, one poor little half-witted priest came in by mistake, he was caught by the crowds afterwards and beaten and his hair pulled out! To see the mosque etc. Tea in the big hall of Othello’s tower, a beautiful building. Dinner at the Club. We have three police in plain clothes around us all the time, one Cleanthis is marvelous, a perfect disguise. I don’t think Lago realises how unpopular he is.