Alfred Westholm of the Swedish Archaeological Expedition, in a letter to his parents, describes the Crown Prince of Sweden who was visiting Cyprus:

But even personally Gustav VI Adolf is a very pleasant social person. His interests seem to embrace everything, and he is an expert at everything from flower gardening to minerals. He can discuss the dating of some prehistoric pot on Cyprus with the same ease as noting the latest acquisitions in various museums in Sweden. He takes an interest in each and every one of us personally and asks about everything until he is satisfied in what he wanted to know. He tells about his travels and experiences and always pauses to discuss at length the places that the others in the expedition have also visited. He has a very calm way of speaking but can sometimes shoot out a sudden sharp question, and then one must just find one’s bearings quickly. He has no tolerance for unreliable assertions and blather, and he does not let up until he has a clear understanding of the entire picture. Happily for us, he seems very pleased with our work and has also said so on repeated occasions.