Travelling around the island, Edith Belcher, wife of the US Consul, had an interesting experience: 

Off to Greek orphanage with Iro at five. When we left, Iro pointed out caves across the way where the people live. She and I and a woman from orphanage went down to a village to talk with an old woman. Very sweet and friendly and invited us in to see her "house". Went down four stone steps into suffocating cave where fire blazed. Pots hung from celling, table and chair, bed, mattress in corner. Quite comfortable looking but it’s a wonder she doesn’t suffocate. Wooden door slung from hinges at cave entrance. Iro asked her if she closed door at night and she said yes. I asked her if she lived alone and she said yes – When I asked how long she had been there, she answered 49 years!!