06 May 2021

The New Government House in Nicosia

On 21 October 1931, a mass of Greek Cypriot demonstrators marched towards Government House shouting for ‘Enosis’ (union) with Greece …

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13 Nis 2021

Street Sellers in Cyprus

The CVAR’s photographic archive is rich in representations of street sellers dating from the end of the 19th century and …

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18 Mar 2021

International Francophonie Day: a tribute to Dr Sylvain Beraud

March 20th is celebrated annually as the International Francophonie Day to commemorate the foundation of the Agency for Cultural and …

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08 Mar 2021

Celebrating women on International Women’s Day

This week’s post from the Research Centre is dedicated to the women of Cyprus on the occasion of the International …

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04 Mar 2021

Carnival in Cyprus

It is generally accepted that the carnival, as we know it today is a product of a long evolutionary process …

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25 Şub 2021

The Cyprus Government Railway

The Cyprus Government Railway was a narrow railway network built in 1905. Long stipes of the tracks were placed over …

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18 Şub 2021

Limassol Wine Festival

February 18th is celebrated worldwide as a day dedicated to wine and its health benefits. Therefore, today’s post from our …

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11 Şub 2021

Yuri Gagarin in Cyprus in 1962

A Russian cosmonaut was the first human to journey in outer space, achieving a remarkable milestone in the Space Race, …

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05 Şub 2021

Dr. Frederick Charles von Heidenstam in Cyprus

The last Sunday of January is known as World Leprosy Day, dedicated to raising awareness of Leprosy or Hansen’s Disease …

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28 Oca 2021

In memory of George Poulias (1896 – 1958)

This week's post is dedicated to George Poulias and his life's work as he was actively involved in the political …

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21 Oca 2021

HRH Princess Margaret visiting Cyprus

On this exact day forty-seven years ago, 21 January 1974, HRH Princess Margaret, Countess of Snowdon, arrived in Nicosia on …

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14 Oca 2021

The Cyprus Ski Club

Last night's first snowfall around Troodos made this week's post even more fitting as it has been inspired by photographs …

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09 Oca 2021

Cyprus’s Hill Resorts

This week’s post from our Research Centre was inspired by photographs and postcards drawn from CVAR’s photographic archive depicting views …

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17 Ara 2020

Christmas at Government House

As we enter the festive season, today’s post from our Research Center is inspired by a photograph drawn from Jane …

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10 Ara 2020

Forest fires in Cyprus: a diachronic issue

What triggered today’s post coming from CVAR’s Research Centre was a photograph drawn from Susan Cameron’s archive, depicting a forest …

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03 Ara 2020

Mayor of Limassol Christodoulos Sozos (1872-1912)

This Saturday, December 6th will be 108 years since the death of the mayor of Limassol Christodoulos Sozos who died …

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26 Kas 2020

La Reine de Chypre (The Queen of Cyprus)

La Reine de Chypre (The Queen of Cyprus) is an opera composed by Fromental Halévy that was first performed at …

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19 Kas 2020

The Costanzo Coat of Arms

Camille Enlart, the French archaeologist, travelled to Cyprus in 1896 under the auspices of the Ministere de l’ Instruction Public …

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12 Kas 2020

In memory of the former Cypriot President Glafcos Clerides

On the occasion of Glafkos Clerides's upcoming death anniversary, today's post is dedicated to the former President of the Republic …

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05 Kas 2020

Sir Henry Blackall (1889- 1981)

Sir Henry Blackall was born in Limerick, Ireland in 1889. He was a lawyer and a judge with a special …

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29 Eki 2020

A traditional olive press in Lyssos

A photograph drawn from the personal holiday album of Sir Joseph Turner Hutchinson and Lady Hutchinson dating to 1900s. Sir …

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16 Eki 2020

Winston Churchill in Cyprus

Winston Churchill at Nicosia railway station in October 1907. Photograph drawn from the personal album of Sir Charles King-Harman, who …

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