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21 Φεβ 2023

Did You Know? Arrival of Italian Governor to Cyprus

On 26 October 1927, the Italian Governor Mario Lago arrived in Cyprus for a visit.
The Greek population declared a general boycott so that no one should go to the quay to meet him, to turn aside if they saw him and to disinfect the ground he walked on…. By mistake a Greek priest mingled with those present and was himself presented to the Governor at the pier; the crowd got hold of him and beat him up and pulled his hair out.

Gunnis took the Governor and his wife from the yacht on a tour of Famagusta and then they drove to Nicosia where there were banners with “Cyprus and the Dodekanes must be joined with Greece”. Then he was taken to Troodos, Athalassa Farm and the Tekke at Larnaca. He was seen off from Karavostasi where his yacht came to fetch him avoiding thus the embarrassment of going to either Larnaca or Limassol where the Greeks awaited him with more insulting banners unaware that he had already left.

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