17 Ιούν 2022

Presentation: Sounds of Cyprus

Presentation: Sounds of Cyprus
Date: 17 June 2022 | Location: The CVAR | Time: 18:30

This summer the CVAR is hosting, for the second time, a museum internship in collaboration with the Lycoming College in Pennsylvania, USA. We are happy to have three undergraduate students from the college’s archaeology department who have been working on a very exciting project inspired by CVAR’s collections.

The students, Briana Bell, Aubrey Chambers and Becky Wisdom, under the guidance of Dr Pamela Gaber, professor of archaeology and Judaic studies at Lycoming College, will curate and design an exhibition entitled "Sounds of Cyprus’’, focusing on representations of the island’s musical heritage throughout the 20th century, that reflected on the island’s multicultural heritage and identity.

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According to the students, this exhibition aims to showcase how Cyprus’ multicultural heritage was perceived by travellers to the island during the 20th century. With a particular focus on music, this exhibition brings together representations of everyday life such as family gatherings, celebrations, and ceremonies that act as a visual reminder of the presence of the rich musical culture throughout the island that intrigued these painters.

This collection highlights a series of photographs, paintings, and other memorabilia in a "life-like" exhibition to create an engaging and multidimensional experience. Utilizing the materials found at CVAR the students aimed to put together an exhibition that displays the multicultural nature of Cyprus' musical heritage, as well as the unifying factors that it holds under a new perspective.

The opening of the exhibition and students’ presentations will take place on June 17th at 18:30 at the CVAR and will remain open to the public until Monday 20 June 2022.

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For more information, and to reserve your spot, please contact us on 22 300 994