15 Δεκ 1394

Nicolai de Marthono, a notary of Carinola, came to Cyprus and visited the Holy Cross

Nicolai de Marthono, a notary of Carinola, came to Cyprus and visited the Holy Cross:

Desirous however to visit the blessed cross of the good thief, which is called the cross of Cyprus, I left Nicosia after dinner on December 15 and went towards the mountain where is the holy cross, keeping the road without a guide: and walking all day I arrived at night tired and troubled enough at a village one day's journey from the mountain or church of the holy cross, hoping that with money I should find a bed for the night, to rest and refresh my body. I could get nothing but a rug, upon which I slept that night with the greatest discomfort, on account of those accursed fleas which bit me incessantly. So I rose very early in the morning and with a donkey which I hired arrived at dawn in bitter cold at a village on the skirts of the mountain of the holy cross. There I took some food and began to ascend the said mountain. The ascent is eight miles long, and there are several hills one after another all full of trees called zibini, a wild pine which produces many cones in which is no fruit. These trees grow in great numbers, and supply roofing for houses and fuel for fire. With what trouble and toil and sweat, what weakness of soul and body I climbed those hills up to the church God knows! About the hour of vespers I reached the church. It is small, but very seemly ; on the right-hand side is a little chapel, and there is the said blessed cross, raised and suspended, and nowhere attached, which seems a great miracle ; and in this cross is a piece of the wood of the blessed cross of our Lord Jesus Christ covered with silver.